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Storage Shed Sizes

Getting a storage shed for your backyard can have many benefits, including great organization, and protection of your tools and equipment from the elements. Actually choosing the right backyard storage shed can be a tricky process, as you need to determine what size shed is right for your needs. Here are a few things to consider as you look into backyard storage.

What will you use the shed for? Some people looking at a shed for their backyard may simply need it to store specific pieces of equipment, such as a motorcycle, ATV, or lawn mower. If you know exactly what you will use the shed for and you don’t anticipate that changing, your decision is made easier – a shed that is big enough to hold that equipment is all you need. Usually, though, the answer is a bit more complex.

Often, people underestimate the amount of storage space they need because they don’t consider all that they will want to store. For example, out of season items or holiday decorations often get shoved somewhere because people don’t plan a space for them to be stored. If you plan to use your shed as a workshop of sorts, be sure to plan space for storage or shelves, as well as area to work in. Nobody wants to spend time if your space is too small to actually accommodate what you need.

Do you need room for growth? When considering the size of your shed, it’s important to understand that the size you need today may not be sufficient for what you need in the future. As best as you can, think about the years ahead. In what way will your family or your needs grow? How can you plan for them in advance with a custom built storage shed that will for your needs not only now, but in the future as well?

What is the size of your yard? There are two important considerations with regards to your yard when considering your shed size. First, the shed obviously has to fit in your yard, including all of the work around it. Second, does the size of the shed in relation to the yard matter to you? Many people love having a large yard to roam in. If that is you, make sure your yard is still big enough for you even after you put in your storage shed.

Are there any community regulations to keep in mind? More and more people are living in areas controlled by covenants or HOA’s, and it’s important to check their regulations before you do anything. Often, you have to get a permit for where you want to place your shed, as well as approving size and look. Be sure to look into this before you make final plans, so you don’t have any last minute changes or surprises.

If you are needing some extra storage space in your backyard, contact the experts at Morgan today. We have over six decades of experience, as well as a variety of floor plans and sizes of backyard storage sheds to fit your needs. Contact us to request your quote today!

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