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February 5, 2018
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Buying A Guard House for Your Business

While the thought of guard housing may conjure up images of unsavory characters lurking in the night, the truth is that a guard house or security guard booth can have many practical benefits for your business. Even if you might not think your business is in need of a guard house, it’s worth looking into the matter to see if you might benefit.

Even if it is not immediately self-evident, there are many ways in which guard houses boost workplace security, which can have positive trickle down impacts across your business. One of the biggest ways it does this is by restricting access only to those people who should have it. This works in the obvious way of stopping anyone from entering who has less than noble intentions, but it also allows your guard house to keep out anyone that would disrupt business.

For example, someone might want to show up unannounced for a meeting, or just because they are curious about your business. Unexpected visitors can disrupt the flow of your workday, decrease everyone’s productivity and introducing distractions into the day. Guardhouses can help log all traffic coming in and out, as well as denying anyone access to your business who does not need it, whether that is during or after business hours.

Depending on your guard house or custom built security booth, it can also act as a video surveillance center to allow your property to be constantly assessed. Not only will this type of video surveillance allow for a guard to more thoroughly keep track of what is happening throughout your property, but it can also act as a deterrent for anyone, knowing that they may be being watched. This can be effective both for potential distractions, as well as for problem employees.

Finally, your guard house can act as a security and safety hub for your entire business. Your guard house will be the hub of all of your security needs, becoming the eyes and ears of your facility and making sure that everything is staying in line.
You may think you only need a guard house if your business is potentially at risk for unwanted intruders after dark, especially if you are in a less populated area.

However, the benefits of a guard booth go beyond that, particularly if your business deals with unwanted visitors or intrusions, deals with sensitive business matters, or is in need of video surveillance throughout the property.

At Morgan USA, our custom built guard houses can be designed to fit your needs, with unique models that can be tailored to your preferences. If you are looking at guard houses for sale, or if you need more information, then contact us today to request a quote on our guard houses. We are happy to help keep your business secure.

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