How Morgan Buildings Became the Leader in Backyard Storage

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Backyard Storage & Morgan Buildings

Do you ever feel like you just don’t have enough space, especially storage space?  Clutter caused by not having enough space adds unneeded stress to your life on a daily basis. Each year, more people facing this problem turn to backyard storage sheds, which provide a perfect solution for overflow storage needs, whether for a home or office. Outdoor storage comes in a variety of shapes and sizes to perfectly fit your needs.

Morgan Buildings has become a leader in backyard storage thanks our custom designs and quality work. While our personal storage sheds come in 3 standard styles, custom design is free and is done by our in-house engineers to ensure that you get what works for you. Every detail is thought out to make sure your backyard building fits all of your criteria.

What can you expect from our backyard storage sheds? We can make them insulated, paneled, wire for electricity, and fitted for plumbing. This makes it a great option no matter what you need to store, and no matter what you need to use the space for. Our stock sizes range from 8’ x 6’ to 16’ x 48’ or larger and come with multiple floor plans and styles.

Our portable buildings also give you the choice of wood or steel siding, and we work with any local ordinances or HOA specifications which might be in place. Roof options range from composite shingles or enameled steel. Be sure to talk to a Morgan representative to learn about all of our options, and get a free quote.

Among available options to consider include customizing your door, from single and double swing-out doors to roll-up doors to extra doors. Other customers choose to personalize their backyard buildings with different types of windows, shelves, or ramps. If you want a unique space that is all yours, you can even include things such as a loft for extra storage area or a space that is all your own.

With more than six decades of experience, Morgan consistently stands out when it comes to quality, value, and service. Compare us to the competition to get a feel for all of the options we provide, and the extra mile we go to in making sure you love your backyard storage space. We are proud of the work we do. To learn more, visit one of our locations in person or give us a call to find out how we can help.

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  1. Felton & Vernita Freeman says:

    We purchased a Morgan Building in 2007 and just lost the key to the lock. We have the Model numbers and Serial number. Can we get another lock for the building?
    Mrs. Freeman

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