Why Guard Houses are a must for a growing business

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January 10, 2018
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How Guard Houses Protect Your Business

Companies are often more reactive than proactive when it comes to securing their place of business, waiting for something to go wrong before addressing a need. However, if your business is growing, it’s vital to protect it to stop anything from happening. There is no more effective yet affordable way to do this than with a guard house or security booth.

A guard shack helps show the presence of security right on the property, allowing for an extra layer of protection both during and after normal business hours. Even when your guard house is not being staffed, merely having it there is often enough to deter criminal activities, especially during the nighttime hours when potential intruders might otherwise think your property or business is empty.

Having a guard house also helps your staff feel more secure, as they know there is protection right on the property whose sole purpose is keeping them safe. This is especially important for employees that are frequently working late, going to their cars in the dark, offering a sense of security that is otherwise not there.

For businesses looking to buy a guard house, it’s important to find a company that can build a guard house to fit your needs. For example, Morgan buildings can be designed custom for any location. This includes features such as the size, type of building, and type of materials that best fit your business and work space.

Many businesses have found it easier to invest in a portable guard house, which provides for maximum flexibility for growing businesses, or for that that work in several different locations throughout the year. Morgan guard houses can be made to require no foundation to allow for easier movement and portability with a wood or steel structure. If you are looking for a more permanent guard house, a larger structure built into a conventional foundation can be designed for you.

The best time for a growing business to get a guard house is before you think you need it, as the consequence of not being prepared could mean thousands of dollars of damage and lost trust. Morgan has over six decades of experience, providing businesses with the safety and security that they need to thrive. Get a quote today  or stop by one of our locations to find out how much peace of mind and necessary protection can cost you.

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