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First response teams in the wake of hurricanes Gustav and Ike enjoyed some much-needed relief of their own, with support facilities provided by Morgan Building Systems. Morgan, working with local emergency management agencies, delivered portable shower & bath units, bunkhouses and portable laundry facilities to evacuation and distribution centers in the storm damaged areas.

Fire & rescue teams travelled as much as 400 miles to assist in relief efforts. According to one firefighter from Colleyville, a town north of Dallas, “After three long days, that first hot shower felt like a million bucks. We even had clean towels! You guys really know what you’re doing.”


The six bunkhouse quarters Morgan installed for the Brandon distribution center in Anahuac accommodated local police, fire & rescue teams, and at one point over 100 National Guardsmen. A complete portable laundry building was also delivered to the site.


Industrial capacity generators provide enough amperage to power lights and multiple A/C units in each building, plus run the large water heaters in the shower and laundry buildings. With one tank trailer supplying 16,000 gallons of water and another to collect sewer, the site is effectively self-contained.


Morgan delivered the portable buildings and had electric and water operational the following day. Each shower/bath combination building houses 13 shower stalls, 8 toilets, four 80-gallon water heaters and dozens of outlets for razors and blow dryers. Most outlets were immediately put to use recharging emergency cell phones.


At another Red Cross site, 91 evacuees had been housed for almost a week. Morgan delivered a 60 x 14 foot shower/bath unit and had it operational the next day. The crew then traveled to another 75-person shelter to hook up a similar shower/bath unit in a church parking lot that evening. This well organized rapid-response operation was repeated at several sites in the Houston and Galveston areas and southern Louisiana.


Morgan manufactures portable and modular buildings in hundreds of configurations, including many types specifically designed for disaster-relief and first responders. In addition to bath/shower and laundry buildings, Morgan builds portable dormitories and office buildings suitable for command centers, first-aid and security operations. Morgan also has a full range of portable, secure storage buildings for relief supplies and equipment. Morgan is a Texas-based family owned company founded in 1961 with five manufacturing plants in the US.


According to many relief workers, the worst part of a disaster is unpredictability. No one really knows what will be affected, or how long and difficult the recovery will be. Morgan’s rugged buildings provide a level of certainty and reliability in the midst of disaster recovery: safe shelter, working power and sanitation, portable storage, and the most welcome of all - a hot shower.


Mobile Bath & Shower Buildings

Office Buildings (for command centers, operations and first aid)

Portable Dormitories

Storage Buildings for Equipment & Supplies

In addition, Morgan sets up complete self-contained camps with:


High-Capacity Generators

Portable Water and Sewer tanks

As reconstruction continues in the wake of hurricanes Gustav and Ike, Morgan is providing secure portable storage and shelter for returning





Morgan is a Texas based family-owned company founded in 1961 with five manufacturing plants in the US.


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